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I want to ensure you that we will always try to provide you with the freshest meats, produce, baked goods and the largest variety of grocery products.

Anthony DiMino, CEO

A message from our CEO

About Us

DiMino’s Lewiston Tops really starts with one man, our founder Alphonso DiMino. Using money from a GI Bill after serving in the Korean War, Alphonso opened his first convenience store on 19th Street in Niagara Falls. Alphonso’s goal from day one was always to please the customer. If a customer asked for a particular item and he did not have it, he would tell them to wait while he looked in the back. Alphonso wasn’t really looking in the back, he really was going to the big grocery store next door, buying their product, then reselling it to the customer. He never wanted to leave a customer disappointed, having to go elsewhere.

These values have carried over the generations into DiMino’s Lewiston Tops today. Our priority is to always please the customer and never to leave them disappointed. If we don’t have what you’re looking for we will do our best to make sure you leave happy. Customer service really is the core of our business, because without our customers we cannot thrive. Over the years our customers have blessed our business and family, and one way we can thank them is to give them a grocery store they are proud to shop at.

Like any business, we are not perfect. We are always looking to improve and innovate to satisfy our customers. Whether it’s new trends, like gluten-free products, or environmentally-friendly items, our store is ever evolving and updating to meet your needs.

Our Guarantee

At DiMino’s Lewiston Tops, our customers are our priority. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re satisfied when you leave our store. This means stocking our shelves with high-quality products, providing exceptional customer service, listening to what our customers want, and keeping our store clean.

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